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Dietary/Nutrition Guidance

Proper nutrition is essential for young children and babies. They need the correct nutrients in their diet to facilitate the rapid development of all the organs in their body, including the brain.

Unfortunately, many parents aren’t always sure whether their child is getting the nutrition they need. They may worry whether their diet is incomplete, if they’re getting insufficient calories, or if they’re providing suitable foods.

That's where our dietary and nutrition guidance can help. Our professionals can assist you in supplying your child with the food they need.

We understand how challenging it can be for parents to make proper food choices for their children. With conflicting information online and through word of mouth, we’d like to offer straightforward guidance certified and approved from our specialists at Rexburg Pediatrics.

Why Is Healthy Eating Important for Children?

Healthy eating is essential for children for several reasons. First, a healthy diet supports optimal growth and development. Children who receive the nutrients they need early in life have stronger bones, joints, and muscles. They may also have a better immune system and organ function. Eating adequate protein, zinc, vitamin B12, and other nutrients prevents deficiencies that can lead to chronic conditions and reduce their learning ability. 

Healthy eating is also an excellent way to prevent obesity and related metabolic issues. Children who eat more whole foods when they are young often bring the habit into adulthood. They become less accustomed to industrial processed foods and prefer to eat more naturally, most of the time. Research shows that this approach to eating is more likely to lead to positive health outcomes, a leaner body, and more energy. 

Healthy eating also supports enhanced learning and better mental health. Eating a proper diet with suitable nutrients improves memory, attention span, and problem-solving abilities. Children find it easier to concentrate and are less likely to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Breakfast is an especially important meal for young people. Research suggests children who eat breakfast have better academic performance than those who skip it. Healthy eating may also reduce the impact of conditions such as ADHD, which inhibit learning. 

Ideally, parents should establish healthy eating patterns early in life by modeling the behaviors they want to see in their children. Our nutritional guidance will teach you how to adjust your family’s diet to accommodate your child’s nutrition needs by developing healthy eating practices and creating a positive environment around food. We encourage you to include your kids in the process and show them how to make healthy meals enjoyable and satisfying. 

How Do Children’s Nutritional Needs Vary by Age Milestone?

Children’s nutritional requirements vary significantly by age. Calorie requirements tend to be higher than many parents expect due to the speed at which children grow.

Schedule Dietary and Nutrition Guidance With Rexburg Pediatrics

If you’re unsure what to feed your child at each stage of development, contact Rexburg Pediatrics for professional guidance and advice. Our team can provide you with an optimal nutrition plan, helping your children grow into a happy, healthy adult. 

Call us to schedule nutritional guidance for your child today.